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Welcome to Themes Rock Kitty

The site is maintained and ran by Rock Kitty I hope you enjoy the new revamped look and feel. I run the site on my own and check the themes that are uploaded to the best of my ability, please note I am not responsible for the content this is down to the users themselves.

I have a second stage to the update that I may or may not be adding comments would be much appreciated on this.

I often come across websites that only SELL wordpress themes and have lists of premium wordpress themes for sale only or mixed within results of free themes.

I am keen to allow registered users to sell themes from this site. I have two options really

1. Start mixing the premium themes for sale randomly within the normal free themes.

2. Keep this site as is for just Free themes only and create another sub-domain for the premium themes.

3. Add a new section to this site for the premium themes.

If I could have some feedback on this would be great. Also whats in it for me? I could charge to upload the premium themes or take a cut for every one sold? Or just rely on advertising as i have always done with the free themes. If you need any custom designed themes visit ArchyStudio.

Please note that footerlinks and sponsored themes are at the user and admin of this sites discretion and may be removed! If you have a problem with this then don’t upload or download themes from this site.

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